Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dayton Flickr Pool

I stumbled across this while composing a post the other day - the Dayton Flickr pool. These are some gorgeous pictures of our community. If you're on Flickr, consider joining it and adding some of your pictures.

Just a quick glance shows these two awesome (and not embedded since they're all rights reserved) pictures of balloons at Midfest and from the Blue Sky Project.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dayton Takes Flight Exhibit - Downtow

Look to the sky in downtown Dayton this summer to see artistry soar. Aviation-themed creations by dozens of local artists will be found "in flight" above sidewalks and streets, adorning utility poles via aluminum frames. Each is a 4-½-by-3 foot fiberglass F-16 jet sculpture, creatively adapted by a participating artist.

The Dayton Takes Flight exhibit is a walking art tour in three downtown Dayton areas: Main Street/Courthouse Square, the Oregon Arts District (East Fifth Street) and the Cannery (East Third Street).

Themes and titles among the 50 creations include "Peace Hands," "Hawaii," "Dragon," "Cheetah," "Dove Flight" and many more.

K12 Gallery for Young People organized the exhibit, which features creations by the organization's instructors and other Dayton-area creative talents, including young artists.

You can get exhibit brochures at Key Bank, SideBar, Deck the Walls and K12 Gallery.

“The Wright Brothers were the quintessential artists of their time,” said Jerri Stanard, Founder and Executive Director of K12 Gallery. “They were determined, they were unyielding, they took risks, they saw their creative ideas to fruition, and they changed everything with a single thought. Today, Dayton is filled with incredible artists, as well as engineers, teachers and so much more—a real wealth of creative talent. This exhibit gives Dayton residents and visitors an opportunity to see many representations of that creativity and to learn more about our wonderful community.”

[Much of this text is from the Dayton Business News blog]

Monday, July 26, 2010

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

The Peace Museum's partner in the Bowls of Hope Soup Dinner, the Miami Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, is holding a symposium on August 21 called Awakening the Dreamer focusing on environmental sustainability and spirituality.

The symposium explores the link between three of humanity’s most critical concerns:
- environmental sustainability
- social justice
- spiritual fulfillment

cost $15/$5 students
call 937-436-3628 to register or for more information

Saturday, August 21, 2010, 9 am to 1pm

Pachamama Presenters
Barbara Davis and Kathy Cleveland Bull

Brought to the Greater Dayton area by
Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
8690 Yankee Street, Dayton Ohio 45458

Friday, July 23, 2010

Avoid Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic

In these pictures, you'll see Taylor. He's a loveable, cute guy, right? He had surgery about a year ago to remove a tumor from his hip. Take a look at the other cute picture where I actually have him on my lap. He's a big dog, isn't he? Awwwww...

Just about anyone else trying to hold Taylor on their lap would be bit.

Taylor is a rescue dog. He was abused as a puppy, before anyone in my family met him. Most of the time, this isn't a big deal - unless you try to hold him or pull him by his collar. Then he bites and scratches and thrashes. I'm the only one who can keep him calm at the vet's. Taylor's normal vet knows this and works around it. That's why he keeps seeing her, even though they're a thirty minute drive away.

And that is why I will never, ever recommend Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic (aka Dayton EVC)to anyone.

Very early this morning, Taylor's stomach was extremely painful. It could have been intestinal torsion, which is a medical emergency. We went to the Dayton EVC (otherwise known as the Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic). They decided to do an X-ray.

A technician named Mark tried to take Taylor back. He yanked on Taylor's leash. Even though Taylor was in pain, Taylor fought against being drug out of the room and pulled his head out of his collar. Mark got a rope leash and used that to drag Taylor back to the exam area.

I told them that because he'd been abused as a puppy, that he'd fight and bite if I didn't hold him.  I told them that other places hadn't listened to me, and people had gotten scratched and bit.  They would not let me go back and hold my dog. They claimed that it was against the law for me to be in an X-ray room with him - a position that everyone at Dayton EVC repeated.

They were wrong.

Per Ohio Administrative Code 3701:1-66-01 Para B(48), the radiation safety rules apply to animal and human patients. Per OAC 3701:1-66-02 Para. H(5a-d), when mechanical devices are not usable the person(s) holding the patient should not be the radiation workers running the machine whenever possible.  In other words, if they couldn't get the dog to hold still for the pictures, they should not have been holding him in place themselves.

They had Taylor back there for almost half an hour trying to take only two X-rays. We could hear Taylor whine and howl several different times, which tells me that they had to try to take the pictures several times. One of those times, we heard Mark cursing through the door of the exam room. Apparently Mark got scratched while Taylor tried to get away.

Remember, Taylor was abused as a puppy, something that Dayton EVC personnel knew from the paperwork and that I repeatedly tried to warn them about.

As a result of this scratch, Dayton EVC is going to report my dog to the Health Department. But Dayton EVC did not follow the radiation safety guidelines as set out in Ohio law, misrepresented the law to keep me from caring for my scared and hurt dog, and ignored repeated warnings about Taylor being a rescue dog and reacting badly to being held. Mark did exactly the same things to Taylor that Taylor's abusers did, and is now making my dog face the consequences for their lack of empathy.

And that is why I will never, ever recommend Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic (aka Dayton EVC)to anyone, especially anyone who has gone to the time, trouble, and effort to save an abused animal.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of A River - FREE - 22 July 7 & 9pm @ Schuster Center

Victoria Theatre Association and Blue Sky Project present

Live Performance Installation
Shaw Pong L i u & Rodney V e a l

Of A River
Thursday July 22, 2010, 7PM & 9PM
free to the public
WinterGarden @ The Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ESPM-CaTS-EGR (Used Computer bits) Super Sale - 22 July

ESPM-CaTS-EGR Super Sale
Thursday, July 22nd
Starting at 1:30 pm
TV Center Studio B (Wright State University)

ESPM, CaTS and Engineering will be hosting another Super Sale of used computer equipment next week. We'll have large quantities of older Windows PCs and displays on sale at special pricing. Sale items are available for purchase by individuals only; no departmental purchases will be accepted.

Computers on sale:
Pentium 4 PCs - desktops and tower units typically 1gb RAM, 80gb HD, DVD/CD-RW models available for $80 and $100

Displays on sale:
LCD Flat Panel Displays (various sizes) - $40 & $50

Other items on sale:
Laser printer, VCR, TV-style monitors, media carts, 250mb ZIP drives, and other assorted items in limited quantities. Prices will be marked at time of sale.

About the computers:
System specifications are approximate with some variation between individual units. You will have an opportunity to inspect the unit prior to purchase.

Computers are approximately 5-8 years old and have been used in CaTS & CECS computer labs and classrooms. Computers have been reformatted with Windows XP - no other software installed.

Rules of the Super Sale
- No departmental purchases
- No pre-purchases; you must be present at time of sale
- Cash or check only, no credit cards (checks payable to "Wright State University")
- Sales tax of 6.5% added to purchase price
- Limit one system per person
- CPU or displays can be purchased separately, but limit of one per person still applies
- All items sold in as-is condition with no warranty
- Buyer responsible for removing equipment at time of sale

River Ride 2010 8:30 a.m. to noon 24 July 2010

Find out more about the River Ride and register at the Drive Less, Live More website.

Join us for the annual River Ride on Saturday, July 24. This year we start in the City of Franklin at the municipal building, 1 Benjamin Franklin Way. Riders can check in between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. to begin the 14-mile roundtrip ride that will take you through downtown Franklin onto the Great Miami River Trail, into downtown Miamisburg for a series of historic stops and then back to Franklin via the trail.

Once you ride through Franklin, onto the Great Miami River Trail and into Miamisburg, you'll be directed to five different locations where you'll take part in a historical scavenger hunt. Find the historical artifact and receive a small prize. And we'll have a snack and drink for you at one of the five spots to recharge your batteries for the ride back to Franklin.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Interactive Crime Map

As reported in the Dayton Daily News, Dayton now has an interactive crime map (for property crimes only, but they're planning to include violent crimes later). You can see and play around with the map here.

What I think is really interesting is that when you select a neighborhood, you get a tab where you can compare the same period's statistics for the prior year. Check it out!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Energy Alternatives in the Miami Valley FREE 17 July 2pm

Saturday, July 17, 2:00-4:00, Main library auditorium, 215 E. 3rd St, Dayton.

Energy Alternatives in the Miami Valley FREE Discuss local use and benefits of solar energy, windmills, geothermal, biomass, and running a car on hydrogen from energy pioneers Ralph Dull, Dave Schmenk, and Preston Mote.

Sponsored by Dayton Metro Library (937) 463-BOOK

Hamlet at the Courthouse Square - 16 July @ 7pm

More information available at Dayton Most Metro.

FREE SHAKESPEARE! presents Hamlet at Courthouse Square Friday at 7pm on July 16, 2010. Admission is free. Local professional and pre-professional actors tour Hamlet this summer at selected Dayton locations. An original score of music is created by Sandy Bashaw of Puzzle of Light. Sword play is choreographed by Andrew Mitakides. Come downtown to the square located on Main St. in Dayton, OH.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

North Main Cleanup Volunteers Needed - 24 July

Volunteers are needed for the next "North Main Street Clean-Up" event, scheduled for Saturday, July 24, from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Participants will pick up litter and remove vegetation along the North Main corridor, from Redwood Avenue to Riverview Avenue. Volunteers should report to United Foods, 2141 N. Main St., by 8:30 a.m. Gloves, brooms, bags and other clean-up tools will be provided.

The clean-up is presented by the FROC Priority Board in partnership with the North Main Street Business Association, neighborhood associations and Montgomery County Solid Waste. For further information, contact FROC Priority Board coordinator Verletta Jackson at 333-3288.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pub Science - 7pm 10 July 2010

Pub Science is presented by the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery to engage lifelong learners in our community. This is an opportunity to learn about science in a relaxed, fun environment. Sessions feature a brief introduction to a topic by an expert in the field, followed by discussion of the topic with those in attendance. July's topic is ethnopharmacology, presented by Dr. Marcia Wendeln. Before pharmaceuticals were patented and prescribed, people relied on cultural knowledge of plants and animals to cure ailments and relieve pain. Ethnopharmacology is the study of how indigenous people use natural resources as medicine. By unearthing ancient and complex ways of treating disease, scientists learn more about both plants and the people who've used them. No cover charge, though donations are accepted at the door. Blind Bob’s phone, 938-6405.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Fun Camp @ Books & Co - Free, Saturdays in July

Every Saturday in July, Books-A-Million (including Books & Co.) is hosting Family Fun Camp activities from 10am until 2pm at their stores, featuring the Magic Tree House series of books. Check out the full listing of events here, and find a store near you here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recycle and Win!

[From the Library's newsletter]

This summer the Dayton Metro Library is partnering with the Montgomery County Solid Waste District to encourage area residents to recycle. “Our Summer Reading Clubs feature an environmental theme, and recycling is a huge part of that,” said Mimi Morris, Assistant Director of Branch and Extension Services for the library.

On Saturday, July 31, Montgomery County residents are invited to bring items for recycling to the South Transfer Station and enter to win some great “green” prizes. Grand prize is a battery-operated lawn mower, courtesy of the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency. The RAPCA is also donating a battery-operated blower and trimmer too!

Residents can bring items that are not accepted at curbside recycling including household electronics, batteries, used oil, household hazardous waste and more. Materials will be accepted from 9:00 a.m. - noon at the station, located at 1001 Encrete Lane in Moraine. Everyone who drops off materials will receive a discount coupon for the October Friends of the Library Booksale.

For more information, visit

Monday, July 5, 2010

Aesop's Fables - 7/6 at 10am - FREE

In the bountiful array of children's literature, no author is better known and respected than Greek storyteller, Aesop. Using animals as characters he creatively delivered life lessons and morals. In Madcap's production, Aesop is an old man recalling The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Lion and the Mouse and The Hare and the Tortoise, re-told by a cast of puppets - and you! Weather dependent. Bring blanket or towel for seating. Call (937) 274-0126 for more information.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Veteran's Appreciation at King's Island

Kings Island’s Tribute to the Armed Forces program will offer a free regular admission ticket to all military personnel past and present on Sunday, July 4th and Monday, July 5th. Along with free admission, military personnel will be able to purchase discount admission tickets for members of their immediate family (maximum of six) at a special military discount price of $29.99. A valid military ID or DD form 214 showing honorable or medical discharge must be presented at the Kings Island ticket July 4 and July 5 to receive this offer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cityfolk needs volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart of the CITYFOLK Festival. Here's your chance to pitch in and help make the state's finest multi-cultural festival a success while having fun and meeting new friends!

The Cityfolk Festival will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. There are a number of volunteer opportunities being offered. Please select the date you would like to volunteer and complete the registration form.

Note: You can volunteer for more than one job by clicking the checkbox next to each of your desired jobs/shifts. To volunteer for more than one day, go back to the day selection screen after submitting your entry. You may also register family and friends by following the same steps. Please use your email as the contact for those registrations. Volunteers must be 21 years and over to serve beer. Other volunteers must be at least 18 or can be age 15 to 17 when they are accompanied by an adult working at the same location.

To register as a volunteer, swing by their webpage!